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East Tourism Mart is the best way to promote east tourism in a different approach. East has an infinity of possibilities, there are serval beautiful destinations with good facilities despite this we failed to attract world tourism.

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As a journalist, I attended the East Tourism Mart (ETM) at Dharan in Eastern Nepal on two occasions. The one in 2018 was a great experience, given the good hospitality, and management in terms of conducting tours to introduce guests and other people to tourist destinations. However, what struck me most was the fact that women guides had been leading in the forefront in the tourism sector in and around Dharan.
Though we failed to go to Pathibhara during the 2019 tour due to several factors, I did get another chance to explore new places, things and ideas during the visit to the Gorkha Tea Estate. It was great to meet small tea growers, who promoted tea tourism and introduced the home-stay concept near Illam.
I am equally glad and excited to know that the ETM-2022 will be organized this year, though we all, including the tourism industry, are adversely hit by the raging Covid-19 pandemic.
I wish this year’s event too will be a grand success, as always. Wish the team the very best!

Manas R Bannerjee, Sr Correspondent The Statesman Siliguri, Darjeeling India

East Tourism Mart-2019, Dharan, 21-23rd September 2019

Miss Alina Magar, on behalf of “The East Tourism Mart 2019, Nepal Tourism Board “has sent an Invitation to the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) to send interested Tour Operators from Bhutan to attend the “East Tourism Mart -2019″ in Dharan- Nepal, under this invitation few Tour Operators from Bhutan were sent to attend the mart, I the undersigned was one of the Tour Operators from Bhutan.

My experience & feedback of the East Tourism Mart- 2019 It was in September 2019, we visited Dharan, East Nepal to participate in the East Tourism Mart -2019. The experience was enriching, we were taken to various local sites to explore the local cultures & traditions.
Hospitality-The logistics & food were well arranged by the inviting Team, the rooms were clean and equipped with required amenities, the food was nice, for some of us it was our first visit to Nepal, we had overall a good experience.
Religious Site-We were taken to various religious sites, amongst all I personally found Haleshi is a site we can promote in Bhutan, to bring pilgrimages there, but the road leading to the site was not so good at that time. I am interested to promote Haleshi, in collaboration with Nepal Tourism Board.

Local Guide- Mr. Yub Raj Gurung (NTB staff) Was assigned to our team as a local guide, we thank Nepal Tourism Board for this support & consideration. Mr. Yub Raj was friendly & entertaining. We had a goodtime with him, he is a man with good sense of humor.

Outcome of the Visit – We couldn’t do the promotion of Nepal Tourism as it was marred by the Pandemic. We were hit by the Pandemic soon after our FAM trip .We have not forgotten the FAM trip, we will especially promote the Haleshi religious site. I seek the support of Nepal Tourism Board to help me in this matter.

Thanks – We thank “Nepal Tourism Board” and East Tourism Mart 2019 entire members. Mart committee president Mr. Bhabish Kumar Shrestha, my friends Mr. Basudev Baral & Miss Alina Magar for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to explore East Nepal. As said above, I am interested to Promote Haleshi and East Nepal, I therefore seek tourism entrepreneur’s and Nepal Tourism Board’s support in the matter.

Sangay Wangdi, Bhutan

Tourism is a Social, Cultural and Economic phenomenon for pleasure and business.
To boost and developed tourism, new tourist places should be explored, because it is through and through linked with creating jobs, generating revenue, boost economy and to develop infrastructure of a country.
Nepal is “Himalaya Putra” and hundreds of world class tourist destinations with diversities already exists in Nepal, but, new tourist destinations will definitely enrich the tourism industry in Nepal.
Nepal Tourism Board choose to introduce “Dharan” in the tourist map of Nepal. Last year, East Tourism Mart organised a special program to materialise the idea. The effort initiated by East Tourism Mart to introduce East as a new tourist destination was praiseworthy and correct step for growth.
The hard and challenging work of all at East Tourism Mart helped the invitees to know about the places like Dantankali temple, Panchakanya temple, Shiv Jhatta, Pindeswar temple, Buddhasubba temple, Bhedetar, Biratnagar and Koshi Tappu Wildlife sanctuary, which the invitees never heard before.
Through this event we also had some glimpses of traditional Nepalese culture and cottage handicrafts. Kudos to the effort of Eastern Tourism Mart and others for their great effort which will be immaculate in near future to come.
We hope, this type of programme by East Tourism Mart will make a new chapter in the tourism industry of Nepal. Best of luck for your upcoming an events. Thank you so much for your warm hospitality Miss. Alina Magar and your entire ETM team.
Himalayan Memories.

Tapas Chakraborty, Kolkotta, West Bengal info@himalayanmemories.com

Dear sir/mam
Namaste to all, Today, I would to share my experience with East Tourism Mart 2019. And I like to thank you East tourism Mart Committee. Because they are invited us. And we are fully enjoy and fantastic get together with them. As well as business meeting and exchanges. First of all I like to thanks to Mart President Mr. Bhabish Kumar Shrestha sir, Mr. Basudev Baral sir and Miss Alina magar ma’am. They are given to opportunity to us to join this Mart. It is grand opportunity to exchange our business to East Nepal. And I say highly appropriate to them.
Thank you so much.

Yogen Gurung, Dragon Hills tour & travel Jaigoun, West Bengal

ETM is the best platform for every individual to experience the various taste of diversity – Miss. Alina Magar
ETM is the ground of heterogeneous clusters that connects to each other

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